Site Terms of Use and Policy


The Flower lab website (hereinafter: the "Website") is the Israeli website of the global premium brand Flower lab (hereinafter: "FLOWER LAB" (, Specializing in flower design . The site offers its customers products and services in the field of flower design and weaving that come in an original and memorable submission. The user of the site declares and undertakes that he has read the regulations and agrees to its instructions. And is aimed at both sexes equally.

Terms of use

The site may carry out operations in accordance with what is offered on it and may not be used for other purposes.
Any person over the age of 18 and has a valid credit card of one From the credit companies active in Israel, they may purchase products and / or services on the site, provided that the above has taken place in the aggregate:
1. The buyer's credit company has approved the transaction.

2. The purchased products are in stock.

3. The purchaser has a personal e-mail on the Internet, unless the transaction is a telephone transaction.

4. The address where the service is to be provided is within the FLOWER LAB distribution areas.

On-Site Purchase

The on-site purchase procedure is described in the top toolbar Under the heading "How it works" and in order to purchase on the site, please refer to this page.
After placing an order on the site, the customer will be taken to a secure payment page where you can enter credit card information.
If you have selected a product on the site and want to pay in cash - please Contact the telephone number 1700500193.

Policies and services

The images taken on the site represent the products only for illustration.
FLOWER LAB may change at its discretion from time to time the variety of products and prices on the site (including Expenses due to delivery).
In the event that an order has been placed to purchase a bouquet or flower arrangement displayed on the website and it turns out that it has run out (either due to seasonal flowers or out of stock), FLOWER LAB will provide the buyer with a product similar to the product ordered, in colors and / or In the type of products ordered in the original order.
And in case any other product displayed on the website runs out, FLOWER LAB will send the buyer a suitable message by e-mail or by phone. FLOWER LAB reserves the right to submit a bid for the purchase of an alternative product of a similar nature and price. If the buyer approves, his order details will be updated accordingly and if not, his order will be canceled, and his credit card will not be charged. : 00 in the afternoon (Friday - until 14:00) - the delivery will be delivered to the recipient within the time frame of 4-6 hours from the moment the order is confirmed. At his request with the recipient.

Transaction Cancellation Policy

Any buyer who requested to purchase on the site, and who is interested in canceling his request, will notify him within one hour from the date he submitted his request (or from the date of telephone contact with the company) . If the order is to be placed on another day, it will be possible to give notice of cancellation up to 5 hours before the date of placing the order during the opening hours of the flagship store in State Square in Tel Aviv. The notice of cancellation will be given by phone number 1700500193. Cancellation of the operation will be possible as long as the products have not been sent by FLOWER LAB and / or anyone on its behalf to the address provided in the offer. Cancellation of the purchase of any other product (which is not as perishable as stated) will be made within 14 days from the date of receipt of the product if the product is not used and is in its original packaging as delivered to the buyer.
Cancellation of the transaction 2010 and the Consumer Protection Law, 5741-1981.

Limitation of Liability

FLOWER LAB strives for all products and services on the site to be of high quality.
If a complaint has been received from FLOWER LAB about the quality of the products, FLOWER LAB will investigate the complaint and may replace the defective product and / or credit the buyer with the amount of consideration paid for that product (including the cost of shipping, if no other services were ordered by the buyer in the same transaction), at its sole discretion. Exclusive to all products other than flowers, flower pots, ornamental plants, bouquets, wines, candles, chocolates, flower arrangements, etc. and regarding any information or presentation made on the site regarding the nature of the products, including the manufacturers' names, product quality, product features, product images, etc. B, applies to the manufacturers and / or importers and / or authorized resellers of the products, in accordance with the laws and regulations for consumer protection and in accordance with the terms of the warranty certificates and service attached to each mo Narrow / service, if attached.
The images on the site are for illustration purposes only. It should be emphasized that in light of the fact that the images are displayed on the computer monitor and / or printed by the computer, there may be differences and changes between the appearance of the product in the image and the product in reality. It will not exceed the amount of the consideration actually paid for the product / service ordered by the purchaser. That the server which through the site employee will be free of viruses or components or other foreign elements that may damage or damage the buyer's personal computer or other equipment of the buyer when he enters and / or orders or services and / or uses the site. Also, FLOWER LAB shall not be liable for any illegal activity on the Site performed by any purchaser or any third party that is not under the control of FLOWER LAB. FLOWER LAB will be entitled to stop or prevent buyers from accessing or accessing any part of the site or the entire site at any stage.

Site security

When performing operations on the site, the buyer will be required to enter personal, private information The order, credit card details, etc. (hereinafter - the details). The owners of the site and / or those who operate it and / or any of its managers and / or those on their behalf are not responsible for the mistake made by the buyer when typing the details. In addition, the above will not be directly or indirectly responsible for any case in which the purchase details will not be received in the system and / or for any problem.